Multi-currency account

An account for different currencies without mandatory conversion

Mass payments

Payment of partners or customers all around the world in a single step

Company accounts

Wallet usage for departments with multiple employees

System compatibility

Connects to every existing ERP system within a very short time

Instant payments

Send payments from wallet to wallet in a matter of seconds


A web solution for sending and receiving payments worldwide


A mobile app for iOS and Android for sending and receiving payments worldwide

Detailed reports

Create detailed reports on transactions, payments and exchanges

SEPA transfer

Use the SEPA transfer service to transfer money from your wallet to any account

SWIFT transfer

Use the SWIFT transfer service to transfer money from your wallet to any account

Simple top-up process

Top up your wallet with money by transfer, credit card and other payment options

Free account

The wallet account is free of charge for you

B2B business features

Additional features such as accounting and process simulations can be connected to the wallet

Virtual credit cards

You can use the VCCs to perform secure transactions via the wallet


The remipay wallet is available in various languages

B2B support in every industry

We support you with your plans and projects, even in a difficult business environment


We are constantly working on new features – the following ones are already being developed and will be activated over time.

IBAN/SWIFT accounts

All wallet customers will soon receive their own IBANs for their respective wallet accounts

Free Mastercards

With our free Mastercards, you can withdraw money from ATMs all around the world and pay at points of sale


We are currently in the process of linking crypto exchanges to the wallet. This will make it easy to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.

Drag-and-drop dashboard

Assemble your own dashboard to meet your requirements.

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