payment service provider

Use of payment service providers for the eWallet remipay

remipay (operator) provides a web- and app-based user interface for the user’s banking transactions, via which banking transactions can be initiated, tracked, adapted and executed. As a technical service provider, the operator merely provides the technical infrastructure on the basis of which the user can carry out and control his banking transactions. The provider itself is not a payment service provider within the meaning of the Payment Services Supervision Act, i.e. it offers neither initiation services nor account information services.

The operator expressly points out that the user concludes money transfers, account information services or other banking transactions exclusively and independently via licensed payment service providers. remipay uses for its technical platform the payment service provider

Amianis AG
Hospital route 2
8041 Zurich

UID: CHE-115.975.230
Commercial register number: CH-300.3.016.754-8

Amianis AG is licensed as a financial intermediary in Switzerland. The main purpose of the company is to provide services in the field of cashless and paperless payment transactions, in particular by developing payment transaction systems and promoting cashless payment transactions. The purpose of the company is also to provide fiduciary and financial services of all kinds.

All funds of remipay-Wallets are deposited in trust in Swiss bank accounts of various institutions and are held in trust by Amiansi AG. Amianis AG may open accounts for remipay in trust at any time.